His Brother’s Girlfriend Kissed His Wife Twice During His Mom’s Birthday Party

alexanderon - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 30-year-old man and his wife, 29, have been married for nearly six years and together for eight years. His wife gets upset if he mentions finding other people good-looking, and a recent situation made him feel like his wife was a hypocrite.

His brother, 32, wasn’t attractive during high school, but he has a good career now and is dating Emma, 24, who is beautiful.

“He spoils her to keep her. My wife didn’t like her in the beginning for several reasons. First, she accused the men of the family, including me, of ogling Emma. She would act protective over Emma,” he said.

Eventually, his wife separated Emma from everyone else in the family so that no one could talk to Emma or learn more about her.

However, since Emma was so personable and friendly, she started conversations and bonded with the family despite his wife’s attempts to avoid it. His entire family loved her.

Later, his wife told him Emma acted like she wanted all the focus on her, so she distanced herself from Emma. Because of that, his wife wasn’t as close with his brother anymore.

Recently, at a family get-together for his mother’s birthday, Emma was quite intoxicated. During the party, his wife looked after Emma while everyone was chatting.

“Emma grabbed my wife’s face and kissed her in full view of everyone. Twice. After that, we all just tried to ignore what happened, and then she fell asleep,” he explained.

The following day, he texted his brother to express his frustration with Emma’s actions, but his brother made the excuse that she’d just been goofing around.

alexanderon – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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