She And Her Husband Bought A House That Requires So Much Upkeep It’s Destroying Their Marriage

Beenis - - illustrative purposes only

Two years ago, this 26-year-old woman and her 29-year-old husband moved into their home. They had to relocate to their tiny town for her husband’s job and figured they should take the leap and buy, as renting in their area happens to be far more expensive.

They managed to get a gorgeous home, complete with an expansive backyard. She and her husband were thrilled to have so much space, which will especially benefit their future kids.

“Now to the issue: we fell in love with the yard that has amazing flower beds, a pond, lots of trees and shrubs, etc.,” she explained.

“Unfortunately we were not ready for how much work this yard is. My husband enjoys working in the yard and has decided he wants to start growing vegetables, so we put in a greenhouse and raised beds so he could start with that.”

“All of this is great, but I am starting to get overwhelmed with all the work this new home is causing us.”

She and her husband both have full-time jobs, and every single evening when they get home, they have to do something around the house.

That entails cleaning, cooking, or just upkeep around their yard. They’re so overwhelmed with the maintenance their home requires that everything they do is pretty much subpar.

Their lives revolve around their home’s needs, and she can’t picture the last time they got to just sit down and relax in their yard or have a date night out of the house.

“I am beginning to be very frustrated, and this has already caused a couple of fights. I am starting to really miss living in an apartment, where I actually felt like I had a life outside of owning a home,” she said.

Beenis – – illustrative purposes only

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