His Children Are Angry That His New Wife Is Inheriting Everything Instead Of Them

insta_photos - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man has three children, and they are all grown and have their own lives now. His late wife was the mom of all of his children, and she sadly passed away when the kids were in high school or college.

Five years after his wife’s passing, he began dating a woman named Kelly, and then they went on to eventually get married.

Unfortunately, his kids don’t like his new wife, Kelly, even though Kelly never gave his kids a reason to hate her.

“They have never liked Kelly, and they never gave her a chance,” he explained. “They were not happy I was dating and even more unhappy when I was getting married.”

“I have been married to her for about 7 years now. She really hasn’t done anything to make them dislike her so much.”

He and Kelly live in a home that he purchased with his late wife. After his late wife passed away, he kept paying down the mortgage.

When Kelly ended up moving him, she sold her old house and used that money to pay off the rest of the mortgage on her home. After that, he and Kelly decided to equally split the remaining mortgage on his house.

Recently, he had dinner with his kids, and the topic of his will came up. He and Kelly have already gotten their wills sorted out, and they’re planning to leave absolutely everything to one another.

He does have a couple of sentimental items he plans on giving to his kids, but other than that, Kelly will inherit all of the big-ticket things in the event of his passing.

insta_photos – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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