His Date Called Him Disgusting After He Asked If They Could Split The Bill For Dinner

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Two days ago, this 29-year-old guy went out on a first date with a girl that he’s been talking to for a while.

The date actually started off wonderfully. They grabbed drinks together, and then they were supposed to go mini-golfing, but the place was completely booked up.

Instead, this girl suggested that they go out to dinner, and she picked a sushi restaurant. He recently moved to Toronto and doesn’t really know the area well yet at all, so that’s why he went along with her restaurant pick.

They enjoyed dinner, laughed together, and had a great time. But then when dinner was over and the bill arrived, he was shocked to see that their meals had cost $80.

He’s a musician and a student and does not have a job, so he really began to panic about having to drop that much on a date.

Well, to be fair, he says if the date had only cost $80 all in, he would have been able to stomach it, but add dinner to what he spent on drinks and rideshares to get there, and he was looking at spending $150 on the whole evening.

“So my first instinct was to ask if she wanted to split the bill, and upon asking that, she was taken aback and was offended that I asked her and said that “It’s our first date” and that I should be the one paying,” he explained.

She really got upset and called it “disgusting behavior” when he did ask if it would be alright for them to split the cost of dinner.

“I don’t know; I felt so ashamed and belittled because I asked for something so simple, something I asked all my friends,” he continued.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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