His Ex-Wife Cheated On Him With A Guy Who Said He Was Going To Leave His Wife For Her, But After They Got Divorced, His Ex-Wife’s Affair Partner Left Her, And He Can’t Help But Feel Happy That She Was “Used” And Strung Along

_robbie_ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This guy and his ex-wife are currently in their mid-thirties and they were “together for ages.” During their marriage, they had two children together and were “mortgaged up to the gills.”

Yet, just about 18 months ago, he actually found out that his then-wife was cheating on him. Apparently, the affair started as just one “spontaneous” hookup.

“But they stayed in touch and met up pretty often,” he said.

He didn’t find out about the cheating from his ex-wife, either. Rather, he admitted to being “utterly clueless” about her infidelity until he came across some suspicious receipts she’d left inside her car.

“I mean literal receipts from locations she’d been with him,” he explained.

Now, the receipts obviously were not a definitive “smoking gun.” Nonetheless, the fact that she’d gone to certain random places put him on edge and made him suspicious.

That’s why he started looking at some other discrepancies in their relationship, and eventually, his ex-wife was forced to come clean.

At the time, she did confess to cheating on him. However, she was adamant that her fling was not just some affair.

Rather, she claimed that she was actually in a real relationship with the other man. Plus, she said the other man was even planning on leaving his wife to start fresh and be with her.

_robbie_ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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