His Female Friend Asked Why He’s Never Made A Move Over The Past Six Years, And He Admitted That He Could Never Date Someone Who’s Already Slept With One Of His Friends

Tinashe Njaku/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 31-year-old man has been friends with Samantha, 30, since middle school. Even though they weren’t close friends in school, they had several mutual friends. As a kid, he was quiet and timid, but Samantha was great to have conversations with.

Over the years, he usually socialized with his male friends, played video games, skateboarded, and played football.

“My best friend at the time, Jason, was, and still is, a natural with women. Samatha is one of the many women he became romantically involved with (they were 18 at the time),” he said.

After graduating high school, Samantha moved out of their hometown, and Jason eventually didn’t keep in touch with him anymore.

He saw Samantha again at an uptown Dallas bar six years after high school graduation and was stunned and happy to see her. Samantha was still just as gorgeous as she’d been in high school, while he looked vastly different.

When he was younger, he was overweight and a geek. He’s always been tall, but since high school, he lost weight and thinks he’s much better-looking than he used to be. Plus, he’s more financially stable than other people his age.

Since he doesn’t stress about finances, he has spent his spare time in nursing school. After running into Samantha, they kept in touch and became close friends. He and Jason began catching up occasionally but were never as close as they’d been in the past.

“Samantha asked why, over the past six years, I never made a move on her. She knows me well. She’s well aware that my answer would be blunt, with no fluff,” he explained.

Normally, Samantha would rather he share honest opinions, even if they’re harsh. When he responded to her question, he said that while he wasn’t as close with Jason anymore, he still considered him a friend.

Tinashe Njaku/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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