She Faked Going Into Labor Because She Was Worried Her Mother-In-Law Would Try To Keep Her Husband From The Delivery Room, And Sure Enough, Her Mother-In-Law Lied About Having A Heart Attack “From Excitement”

Bojan - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

I’ve heard many stories of overbearing mothers-in-law who make their sons’ wives’ lives very difficult with their intrusiveness and lack of boundaries.

One woman recently decided to test how far her attention-seeking mother-in-law and oblivious husband, and it’s one of the wildest stories I’ve heard in a while.

She and her husband are 25 and expecting their first baby any day now. While she loves her husband, she’s been bothered by his strange and unhealthy relationship with his mother, as it’s gotten worse since they got married.

Her husband’s mom is extremely possessive of him and has become overly involved in their relationship. Her mother-in-law demands to see her son daily and has crossed boundaries several times.

For instance, she said she wanted to move in with them once the baby is born, and whenever they want to go out for a special occasion like their anniversary or date night, her mother-in-law calls with an “emergency,” so her husband rushes to her side.

She has been very nervous about giving birth and wants nothing more than for her husband to drive her to the hospital the moment she goes into labor and stays by her side during the delivery. However, due to her mother-in-law’s previous behavior, she worries that won’t happen.

“As the date is approaching, I’ve become increasingly worried that his mother will have an ’emergency’ during birth, and I will have trouble getting to the hospital or will be forced to be alone,” she said.

“I voiced my concerns, and it caused fights between me and them. I even suggested asking my best friend to drive and keep me company, but [that idea] was shot down with them asking, How can’t you trust your own husband?'” 

So, to put her husband’s loyalty and his mom’s delusion to the test, a few days ago, she pretended to go into labor. After calling her husband and giving him the news, he said he’d head right to her from work.

Bojan – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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