His Girlfriend Gave Him 5 Days To Decide To Marry Her Or Move On, But Her Health Issues Are Holding Him Back

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This 41-year-old man has spent four years in a relationship with his 36-year-old girlfriend, but he’s having the worst time trying to determine if he really wants to marry her or not.

He knows that sounds awful, but he has his reasons for being hesitant to commit to his girlfriend for the rest of his life.

Now, they began dating in 2019, and they originally met online. They were long-distance for two years, then, during the pandemic, they spent a ton of time with one another.

“Things were amazing, and I was head over heels and fully in love, and so was she,” he explained.

“I bought a ring and planned to propose. Then she needed to have a heart surgery, open heart surgery.”

From the start of their relationship, his girlfriend was honest about her health problems, but he never paid any attention to that at all.

However, when she needed to go under the knife, things changed. He had to confront what was going on head-on instead of pretending his girlfriend’s health concerns weren’t going to impact them.

When his girlfriend’s surgery was complete, they didn’t see one another much, as her mom spent several months by her side helping her recover.

It was as his girlfriend was recovering at home with her mom that the doubts began to creep in for him.

WellStock – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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