His Girlfriend Is Ready To Break Up Because He Doesn’t Want To Get Married Right Now

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It’s been three and a half years so far that this 27-year-old guy has been in a relationship with his 26-year-old girlfriend.

His girlfriend has always expressed to him that she has a desire to get married young and have kids.

Her dream is to be a stay-at-home wife. He has never really been on the same page as his girlfriend, as he’s focused on advancing his career. He doesn’t want to get married or have children before he’s in a stable place financially.

He characterizes the relationship that he’s had with his girlfriend as a rollercoaster so far, as they have encountered a lot of ups and downs along the way. He’s never had a girlfriend before her, but she has been in three relationships before him.

“Fast forward to 2024, I’ve found out that she has been secretly talking to other men on social media and is hiding it from me,” he explained.

“I’ve also felt like she’s drifting away, and our relationship is going downhill massively. I’ve confronted her about it, but she said the men she’s talking to are just friends, and nothing serious will happen.”

“However, one day, I went through her phone, and it seems like she’s flirting with them almost. I felt really uneasy and somehow just let it slide.”

Two weeks back, his girlfriend confessed to him that she isn’t positive about them anymore since he has made it clear he needs to wait a minimum of two years to get married because his current focus is on his career and building wealth.

His girlfriend mentioned she’s interested in finding a man who wants to settle down ASAP.

kavoons – – illustrative purposes only

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