His Wife Joked That He Should Buy Her A Porsche For Her Birthday, So He Blew Up And Said If She Didn’t Make Him Kick His Boss’s Wife Out Of Their Wedding, Maybe He Could

Brandon Woyshnis - - illustrative purposes only

This man married his gorgeous wife, Hannah, nearly a year ago. While he deeply loves Hannah, he felt like she was “a bit of a bridezilla” and a perfectionist while wedding planning.

“I work for an industry and a firm where nepotism runs rampant, so we invited people I work with to the wedding,” he said.

The firm owner, Chris, and his wife attended their wedding. Chris’s wife wore a white dress with a floral pattern, and Hannah was furious.

In Hannah’s opinion, Chris’s wife, who she said had been petty before, intentionally wore white to cause drama. Hannah ordered him to kick Chris’s wife out of the wedding, but he said that he couldn’t because that could cause issues between him and Chris, his boss.

“I could see it was ruining her day, and her maid of honor was threatening red wine, which would have been worse,” he explained.

Eventually, he walked over to Chris and his wife and kindly explained that Hannah was offended that his wife wore white to their wedding and wanted them to leave. Chris pointed out that his wife’s dress had a floral pattern, but he and his wife agreed to leave.

His mother said he was a moron for going along with Hannah’s demand, adding that he shouldn’t rely on her to loan him money if he financially struggles due to the fallout from kicking his boss and his wife out of the wedding.

Before the wedding, he was likely going to earn a promotion, but after the wedding, he wasn’t promoted.

“Chris now treats me like a joke and wants nothing to do with me, and the rest of the firm is laughing behind my back. I am looking for another job, but it is what it is for right now,” he shared.

Brandon Woyshnis – – illustrative purposes only

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