In 2006, She Mysteriously Vanished After Moving To Albuquerque For A Fresh New Start

But, on May 22, 2006, these plans fell to the wayside after Leah strangely disappeared. That Monday, Leah left her friend’s house at about 8:00 p.m. She had previously met a man at the Flying Star Cafe with whom she was supposed to go on a dinner date.

By the end of the night, though, Leah reportedly got into a traffic accident. So, she was going to bring her vehicle to a local transmission shop which just so happened to be in an area known for drugs.

But, it appears that Leah never actually dropped off her 2000 Volkswagen Beetle sedan– because several weeks later, the vehicle was reported abandoned. Yet, she never returned home that Monday night and has not been seen or heard from ever since.

Following Leah’s disappearance, investigators did receive one tip regarding a woman named “Mia.” Apparently, this woman worked for a man named “A.J.”

After authorities questioned A.J., though, they were unable to find any link between him and Leah. At the same time, investigators never uncovered any evidence or indicators of foul play in Leah’s case.

This pushed her father, John, to travel through Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada in search of his daughter in the years following her disappearance.

On August 5, 2013, though, John tragically passed away in a motorcycle accident before ever receiving any answers in his daughter’s case.

Since Leah vanished, the circumstances surrounding her disappearance have remained unclear. Her case continues to be classified as missing, and it remains unsolved.

At the time of her disappearance, Leah was five foot four, weighed 105 pounds, and had brown hair and blue eyes.

She often dyed her hair black, blonde, or red and wore eyeglasses and contact lenses. Leah also had various piercings in her left ear and was 23-years-old at the time she vanished. She would be 41-years-old today.

If you have any information regarding Leah’s disappearance, you are urged to contact the Albuquerque Police Department at (505) 242-2677.

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