Shabby Chic Style Boasts A Blend Of Sophisticated Elements With More Rustic And Vintage Decor, Giving Your Space The Best Of Both Worlds

If you’re ever confused about where to start decorating shabby chic, base it around a piece of furniture or decor you love for its more rustic or chic feel.

Then, build off of that. For instance, if you have a rustic, wooden coffee table you love, incorporate it into a space where it’ll be elevated.

Another tip is that when it comes to decorating shabby chic, Pinterest is your friend. Pinterest enthusiasts have been sharing their shabby chic inspiration for years now.

The app is one of the best DIY interior design tools to have nowadays – use it to your advantage!

Enjoy the process of turning your home into a shabby chic space where you can sit back and relax in a cozy yet aesthetically pleasing setting.

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