She Asked Her Biological Mom To Go Wedding Dress Shopping Instead Of Her Stepmom To Avoid Dealing With Any Drama, But Now Both Her Dad And Stepmom Are Furious At Her

illustrissima - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It can be really difficult to have to deal with bad blood between parents and stepparents. You may want your parental figures with you for important events, but it can feel impossible if they’re always arguing.

One woman is dealing with an upset dad and stepmom after asking her bio mom to go wedding dress shopping with her instead of her stepmom.

She’s planning a wedding and is now dealing with family drama on top of all the wedding stress.

Her parents have a very complicated and tense relationship. Her parents have been split since she was a kid, and her stepmom and birthmom have not gotten along for years. Most of the conflict started when she was 10 years old, and her mom mocked her stepmom for losing a pregnancy.

While she acknowledges that what her mom did was wrong, she still loves her mom and chose to live with her instead of her dad and stepmom as a kid. Her mom, dad, and stepmom tried to be civil while co-parenting her, but as soon as she turned 18, they refused to be in the same room together.

“I’m closest to [my] mom [out] of the three, then my dad, then my stepmom,” she explained.

“This is something my dad and stepmom feel. My stepmom has admitted to me in the past that she struggles to understand how I can continue my relationship with mom unchanged, knowing she was downright evil to her after the worst thing a parent can experience. Whenever my parents and stepmom are in the same room together, my dad and stepmom end up trying to pick a fight with my mom. Sometimes it works; other times my mom walks away.”

She’s asked her dad and stepmom to lay off her mom several times before family events, but they’ve never listened to her and cause drama every time they’re with her mom. 

So, when it was time to decide who she’d take wedding dress shopping with her, she knew she wanted her mom there, and therefore decided against inviting her dad and stepmom. She also brought her future mother and sister-in-law.

illustrissima – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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