She Didn’t Want Her Sister’s Fiancé To Propose At Her Wedding, But He Still Tried To Anyway, And All The Commotion Actually Caused Her Dog To Go Missing

New Africa - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dogs

Sometimes, people get so caught up in the romantic atmosphere of a wedding that it makes them want to plan one as soon as possible. Some people even consider a wedding the perfect setting to propose to someone.

However, the bride and groom may not be okay with that, as they want all the attention at their wedding to be on them.

One woman told her sister’s fiancé she did not want him to propose at her wedding. When he tried without her permission, chaos ensued.

She recently married her husband Alex at a wedding their friends and family attended. She had been planning their wedding for a year and was looking forward to it.

Three days before the wedding, her sister Ella called her and Alex and asked a question about her boyfriend, Mark, who had been dating her for two years.

“Ella called me up and asked if Mark could propose to her at my wedding,” she said.

“She thought it would be romantic to share the moment with the family gathered. I was stunned because I felt like that would take away from our day, a sentiment Alex shared. We politely declined her request, explaining that we wanted the day to focus on our union, and suggested maybe doing it at another family event. Ella was clearly upset but didn’t push further.”

When the day of her wedding arrived, things were going great. Her ceremony went by without a hitch, with her dog walking down the aisle at the ring bearer. The reception was going very well until it was time for people to make speeches.

“The best man had just finished his speech when suddenly Mark stood up, tapped his glass, and started making his own speech,” she recalled.

New Africa – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dogs

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