She’s Refusing To Help Pay For Her Sister’s Wedding Anymore After Her Sister Invited Her Ex-Boyfriend And Made Him A Groomsman, Yet Said Due To A “Limited Guest List” She Couldn’t Attend

fisher05 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When you have a family member who wants to have a dream wedding but is in a rough place financially, you may offer to help them with some of the costs. However, you may take away that offer if they add some elements to the wedding you don’t approve of.

One woman recently took back her offer to pay for half of her sister’s wedding expenses after she invited her ex-boyfriend to be a groomsman and uninvited her.

She has a sister named Emily, whom she used to be really close to. Unfortunately, their relationship became unexpectedly tense after she broke up with her boyfriend, Chris, whom Emily was close to.

“Chris and I were together for 5 years, and it was serious,” she said.

“We split up three months ago because Chris decided to pursue a career opportunity overseas, and I wasn’t willing to move. Emily and Chris have always gotten along, but I never imagined she’d take his side over mine.”

Emily is getting married soon, and she thought that, as a kind gift, she would help Emily cover half of her wedding expenses since she had always dreamed of having a big wedding.

However, everything changed when Emily called her a few days ago to drop two emotional bombs on her.

“Emily [called] me up and casually mentioned that she invited Chris to the wedding as a groomsman,” she explained.

“Worse, she [told] me that because of the ‘limited guest list,’ I am not invited anymore. Her reasoning? She thinks my presence alongside Chris would create drama and ruin her day.”

fisher05 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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