Her Husband Eats Six Plain Burgers For Every Meal, So She’s Thinking Of Leaving Him Over His Strange Diet

romaset - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Ten months ago, this 35-year-old woman’s 47-year-old husband began a strange new diet that’s more or less a very extreme version of the carnivore diet.

Her husband will only consume salt and beef, and that’s it. He swears this is the way their ancestors ate, so he should do the same thing.

She tried to be a support system for him as he embarked on his diet, but now that she has been forced to watch his health fall apart, she can’t quietly stand by any longer. Also, it’s bothering her immensely that her house constantly has an aroma of beef.

Her husband was always handsome, but ever since he resolved to only eat beef, he looks like a sick teen. He has acne all across his body and face, and the area around his eyes has taken on a yellow tone.

Her husband has gone through other negative changes to his appearance; namely, he has gained a ton of weight.

“He only eats 6 very fatty beef patties [for] every meal,” she explained. “Every single meal. I’ve told him that his diet is very high in calories, but he thinks calories are a myth.”

“10 months later, he seems to be gaining weight rather than losing the weight he insisted would be temporary.”

The worst part of her husband’s diet, however, happens to be his new online group of friends who all encourage one another to eat this way. She says they’re not very intelligent and act like they’re in a cult.

Two months ago, she informed her husband she was thinking of leaving him, but that did not motivate him to make a change.

romaset – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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