She’s Wondering What’s Wrong With Her After Her Best Friend Didn’t Ask Her To Be A Bridesmaid, Yet Asked Six Other Girls

nastasenko - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This woman and her best friend are both 25-years-old, and they have been close for an entire decade.

Their friendship has always been easy, and they just get one another. They’ve been through a lot in the ten years they have been besties, such as drama with other friends, breakups, family-related trauma, and mental health struggles.

“We have mutually told each other a number of times that there is no one else in either of our lives that we share so much with,” she explained.

“I have definitely considered her my best friend for a while now. We actually live across the country from each other now, and I have gone and visited her a few times, and we’ve had a blast every visit.”

“When I’m not visiting, we talk on the phone every single day, usually for over an hour. We’re close enough also that we don’t even talk half the time, just comfortable silence or watching a show or something.”

Two years ago, her best friend got engaged, and she was the first person her best friend called to share the news with.

Then a year ago, her best friend said she was ready to pick her bridesmaids, but she mentioned to her that the wedding would be on the small side.

When she found out her best friend asked six girls to be bridesmaids but excluded her, she felt hurt and confused. She just can’t understand why she wasn’t asked to be a part of her best friend’s special day.

Asking six girls to stand up there with you hardly constitutes a wedding on the smaller side. Her best friend invited her sister and her fiancé’s sister to be bridesmaids, along with two of their friends from high school and two of her current friends.

nastasenko – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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