She Ditched A Sketchy Guy Who Tried To Spike Her Drink On A Date And Went Out With A New Man Six Months Later, Only For Him To End Up Saving The Life Of The Original Guy While They Were Out Grabbing Burgers

Izabela Magier - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When TikToker Stephanie Felton (@stephelton) was single and still in the dating scene, she met a guy at a bar. Their date wasn’t going very well. At one point, she excused herself to go to the restroom.

Once she returned, the bartender gave her a strange look and took her drink away, subtly hinting to her that the guy she was with may have slipped something into it.

The moment that the guy finally went to the bathroom, she raced out of the bar and went home. He was pretty mad that she had ditched him on their date, so she ended up blocking his phone number.

Six months later, she was dating another guy who was a medical student. They had been on several dates, and things were going well.

One day, they were at a burger joint. Her date got up to fill his drink at the fountain while she sat at a table to wait for their food to arrive. Suddenly, she heard him shout for someone to call 911 because a man was having a seizure.

When she looked over, she saw her date tending to a man who was on the ground. He rolled the man over and yelled out instructions to everyone. After the restaurant manager dialed 911, the paramedics showed up quickly.

Stephanie realized that the man having a seizure was the guy she had ditched on their date, and her current date was saving his life.

She never told him about the bizarre coincidence, and they eventually broke up because they wanted different things.

Several TikTok users speculated that he had slipped something into another woman’s drink but that someone saw it and switched the drinks, causing him to have a seizure. Others listed some of the craziest coincidences that have occurred throughout their lives.

Izabela Magier – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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