She Slept With Her Frenemy On Her Wedding Day After Her Fiancé Left Her At The Altar

Roman - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Six years ago, this woman’s then-boyfriend proposed to her, and she was ecstatic. They started planning a gorgeous, small wedding. She had a close bond with her fiancé’s friends and family, and his mom loved her.

Throughout the relationship with her fiancé, they had occasional differences but never had terrible fights. Instead, they always talked things out. Their relationship was always healthy and stable. She described herself as somewhat dull, without any chaos in her life, aside from the ordeal leading up to her wedding and the aftermath a year after they got engaged.

“I never thought he would leave me at the altar. Our families, friends, and even the officiator kept trying to reassure me, but almost two hours after the ceremony was supposed to start, I got a call saying he got cold feet and didn’t want to get married. He wanted more out of life before being tied down,” she said.

After her fiancé stood her up on their wedding day, she made decisions she later regretted. She pleaded with her mother to help her get the wedding dress off, and in desperation, she ripped it because she couldn’t stand to wear it for another second.

Before she left the wedding, everybody stared at her with sympathy. Her friends and family bombarded her with calls, but she assured them she was okay, adding that she didn’t feel like talking.

“I have a frenemy. We’ve known each other since middle school. He’s always been a class clown bully. I was not attractive growing up, and he would jokingly flirt with me and try to annoy me as much as possible. He never really grew out of either of those things,” she explained.

Her frenemy called her, claiming he wanted to see how she was doing, but in reality, he tried to joke about how she was stood up at the altar by a terrible guy. Then, he asked her if she wanted to sleep with him, and since she felt like she had nothing to lose and like her life was destroyed, she agreed. Her frenemy picked her up from her house, and they hooked up.

She had only slept with one man before (her fiancé), not because of religious reasons, but because she felt like it was meaningful that she and her fiancé had never slept with anyone else before and wouldn’t sleep with anyone else since they’d be getting married. It devastated her that her fiancé changed his mind.

Later, she blocked him, as did all her family members. His mother contacted her and said she was sorry for her son’s actions, adding that his dad, who had passed away, would have been ashamed of him.

Roman – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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