She Tried To Protect Her Boyfriend After His Friends Got Him Really Drunk At His Birthday Party, But His Buddies Think She Acted Like A “Buzzkill” And Spoiled Their Fun

maeching - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 24-year-old woman’s boyfriend, 28, recently celebrated his birthday. Her boyfriend normally isn’t a fan of huge birthday parties, but his friends talked him into it.

He’d also just been discharged from the army after serving in the military for a decade, so his friends threw a party both for his birthday and to celebrate the end of his military service.

She and her boyfriend’s friend group organized the party, all financially pitching in to rent a house near the ocean. It was the perfect location because her boyfriend is a passionate surfer.

She contributed more money so she and her boyfriend could relax at the house by themselves after his party. The plan was for the party to be hosted at the house for a night, but her boyfriend’s friends would sleep elsewhere after the party while she and her boyfriend stayed there.

Like many couples, she and her boyfriend often use nonverbal communication, like facial expressions and knowing glances at each other. She understands what his mannerisms mean and can tell how he’s feeling even if he doesn’t say anything.

During the party, she sat on the couch, warming up by the fire. Suddenly, her boyfriend walked up to her and gave her a hug. She held her boyfriend’s face in her hands and could instantly tell that her boyfriend’s friends encouraged him to get incredibly intoxicated.

“He put his forehead on my shoulder. I knew he was tapped out. Whenever he gets drunk like this, he always comes and finds me. I know this behavior,” she said.

Her boyfriend stayed with her for a few minutes, and she ran her fingers through his hair and spoke quietly to him. Later, his friends walked over because they wanted to take him elsewhere to drink more.

“My boyfriend has his face buried in my neck. He is holding my hand. His fingers are interlaced with mine. His eyes are closed. But they’re still trying to pull him away. I started resisting by holding my boyfriend to me protectively,” she explained.

maeching – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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