He Became “Enraged” With His Wife For Spending Time With A Guy Friend And Said He Found It Suspicious That She’d Deliberately Exclude Him

nazarovsergey - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man is currently married and has two sons – who are 3 and 2-years-old. His 30-year-old wife, named Susan, is also the children’s primary caregiver and works part-time on the side.

So, his in-laws have recently started watching the boys on Wednesdays. That way, his wife can get a day to just herself.

Now, he can’t often take off a full week to spend with his wife. However, he will try to take off on Wednesdays from time to time so he and his wife can get some alone time together.

But he and his wife also have a 32-year-old mutual friend named Josh, who is single, and sometimes, she and Josh will spend Wednesdays together when he can’t be there. This makes him really uncomfortable, too.

Apparently, his wife has already gone hiking and gotten coffee with Josh on three separate occasions.

“And after they decided to go trekking to a location we had previously agreed to visit, Susan and I got into a fight,” he said.

Another time, he had asked his wife to make plans for a different day. Yet, his wife claimed that she’d already scheduled a hangout with Josh and just forgot to mark it down on their calendar.

“I was angry and requested her to notify me ahead of time when she plans to catch up with him,” he recalled.

“But Susan thinks I’m being too nosy and controlling.”

nazarovsergey – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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