Her Childhood Friend Has Treated Her Horribly Ever Since She Had A Baby, So She No Longer Wants To Attend Her Wedding

fotohelen - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When you and your friends get older, someone is bound to have a family and settle down before you. However, if you’re a true friend, you won’t resent that person for doing so.

One woman recently decided she doesn’t want to go to her friend or former friend’s wedding because she’s been treated horribly ever since she had a baby.

She’s in her late 20s and has stayed close to an elementary school friend. However, when she got pregnant a little while ago, her friend ghosted her. She stopped wanting to make plans and wouldn’t show up to important events.

“She basically completely stopped talking to me,” she explained.

“Once my baby was born, she came around some. We started to be close again. But she’s bailed on every big event that I’ve had for really silly reasons. She doesn’t like my sister, so since my sister was going to my birthday, this friend would not come.”

Her so-called friend also skipped her college graduation, her baby’s first birthday, etc. However, when her friend got engaged, she suddenly expected her to attend all her bridal events as if nothing was wrong.

Her friend scheduled her bachelorette party during Mother’s Day weekend, and when she said she likely couldn’t attend because she was dealing with her baby.

“She told me not to bother coming [and] we got into an argument because I reminded her of all these recent times she’s bailed on me,” she recalled.

“She said that I used to ‘bail on her all the time,’ and while that may be true, it would be for something like a night out or just hanging out. I’ve never missed a big event of hers, but now her wedding is coming up, and I don’t know that I want to go anymore.”

fotohelen – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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