Try Making A Seacuterie Board This Summer To Elevate Your Dinner Party Game

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Are you a seafood lover, or do you know a seafood lover in your life whose eyes light up whenever you mention going to a seafood dinner?

Well, you can offer all the seafood lovers in your life the treat of a lifetime via a new food trend – a ‘seacuterie’ board.

You’ve likely heard of charcuterie boards, decorative boards filled with cured meats, cheeses, and other snack foods. Charcuterie boards now come in all shapes, sizes, and themes, as people have been finding more ways to customize them over the years. 

The seacuterie board, which is a board full of delicious, fresh seafood and additional bites, is one of the fanciest and most delicious-looking ‘boards’ I’ve ever seen, and I’m going to give you tips for how to make one yourself.

To make a seacuterie board for a special occasion, you’ll want to consider your budget and select seafood accordingly. If you can get all fresh seafood from a market the day of, like fresh oysters, shrimp, scallops, etc., that’s great.

But if that’s not in your budget, you can get creative. Tinned fish like sardines and tunas can easily make their way onto a seacuterie board, as well as prepared seafood like shrimp cocktail kits.

Once you’ve selected your seafood, which can range from three to four types, you’ll want to review food safety. Remember that many kinds of seafood should not be left out at room temperature for too long, and if you’re serving fresh seafood that must be served chilled, arrange your board so it can be sat on ice.

Additionally, if you notice that your guests are taking too long to finish the seafood, pop your board in the fridge until people are ready to dig in again.

Like any charcuterie board, you’ll want to ensure you have some nice snacks and treats to accompany your seafood on your seacuterie board.

doctor299 – – illustrative purposes only

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