Her Family Wants Her To Change Her Wedding Date Since Her Sister Forgot And Planned A Non-Refundable Trip To Italy

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This 28-year-old woman is currently engaged, and she will be tying the knot on September 15. She and her fiancé, who is 30, specifically picked this wedding date, too, since it holds a lot of sentimentality – being that it’s their anniversary.

“We’ve been planning this day for over a year, and everything is set in motion – venue, vendors, invitations sent, the whole nine yards,” she said.

Well, her 32-year-old sister recently threw a big wrench in her plans after booking a two-week, non-refundable vacation to Italy with her boyfriend. The kicker? Her sister is supposed to leave for the trip on September 10 – just five days before her wedding.

Apparently, her sister claimed to have just forgotten about her wedding date prior to booking the trip. And now, her sister is actually demanding that she change the date of her big day so her sister can attend!

“My sister insists it’s unfair for me to expect her to cancel a trip she’s been looking forward to for months,” she revealed.

Obviously, though, moving an entire wedding is not an easy feat whatsoever. So, she suggested that her sister could just video chat and join the wedding virtually as a compromise.

Nonetheless, her sister actually “scoffed” at her idea and claimed it wouldn’t be the same. Her parents have since taken her sister’s side, too, and keep pressuring her to make accommodations for her sister. According to them, “family comes first,” and September 15, her anniversary, is “just a date.”

“They’ve even gone as far as to say they might not attend if she can’t be there, hoping that will push me to change my mind,” she explained.

However, if she and her fiancé change their wedding date, they would lose all of their deposits and be forced to re-plan the entire event – which would be both expensive and stressful.

e55evu – – illustrative purposes only

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