Her Sister Never Takes Responsibility For Her Badly Behaved Kids, Yet Still Expects Them To Be Invited To Her Child-Free Wedding

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This 30-year-old woman’s younger sister, Taylor, 28, has two sons, 6 and 4. Taylor’s boyfriend is the father but doesn’t pitch in with the childcare. However, neither does Taylor. Their parents take care of Taylor’s children five days weekly.

Taylor, unfortunately, hasn’t been a responsible parent. She’s planning her child-free June wedding and included Taylor as one of her bridesmaids, and Taylor has been starting problems throughout the entire wedding-planning process. She’s understandably sick of it.

“She’s been demanding I make an exception for her kids at my child-free wedding. She doesn’t shower often (‘she doesn’t have time with the kids’), so I had to make a shower rule,” she said.

Even though she asked her bridesmaids to stick to silver, black, or purple jewelry, Taylor stated she’d like to wear eye-catching, colorful pieces outside the acceptable color scheme. Over the years, Taylor’s children have destroyed her belongings. Whenever they ruin her stuff, she handles the situation instead of Taylor, who doesn’t supervise her kids.

Two weeks ago, she invited her bridesmaids to her house to discuss her wedding. Taylor arrived with her children, who immediately caused a ruckus. Her home was not child-friendly, so she was concerned her nephews could break something.

“Her kids were throwing balls. I had to step in to stop them. Her kids then started jumping on my couch. I eventually got them to stop,” she explained.

Instead of disciplining her children, Taylor was distracted by her phone and didn’t pay attention to what they were doing. Ten minutes after all her bridesmaids left, she realized her two-month-old couch was severely damaged.

There had already been tension because Taylor wanted to bring her sons to hang out while she and the bridesmaids were getting ready on the morning of the wedding. When she told Taylor she couldn’t do this, Taylor was angry because she didn’t want to hire a babysitter. Taylor was adamant that her kids should be exempt from the child-free rule.

“I called my mom as Taylor doesn’t like taking responsibility and always starts fighting and arguing when I tell her things her kids broke. My mom told Taylor, and Taylor said it’s not her fault,” she shared.

dimadasha – – illustrative purposes only

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