His Dad’s Wife Flipped Out When He Told Her She Can’t Do A Mother-Son Dance With Him At His Wedding

Pavlo Melnyk - - illustrative purposes only

This 26-year-old man’s parents are no longer together, but they were when he was growing up. Actually, his dad is his biological parent, and his mom is not.

His mom met his dad when he was an infant, and his mom officially adopted him when he turned 18-months-old.

“The woman who gave birth to me didn’t want me, and Dad was alone with me until he met Mom,” he explained.

“I never had a relationship with my birth giver and I never considered her my mother or one of my moms. I have one mom, and she’s all I ever needed in a mom.”

“My dad met his wife when I was 6, she moved in with him when I was 7, and they got married when I was 8. I never liked her. She tried to be close to me but she did so by also being dismissive of my mom. She made it sound like I should discard Mom and let her (Dad’s wife) be my new mom since neither was bio-related to me.”

His dad’s wife would say to him that kids need both of their parents to be in a relationship, and there was no way he could be that attached to his mom since she never gave birth to him.

Due to that, he always kept his distance from his dad’s wife. He tried his best to be polite, but he never formed a bond with her or considered her to be a member of his family.

He simply put up with her, but that was it. This woman is not a mom to him in the least, and if his dad were to pass away or get divorced from her, he would happily cut her right out of his life.

“I have never hid the fact I feel this way either,” he said. “I have also called her out before for minimizing my mom’s role in my life.”

Pavlo Melnyk – – illustrative purposes only

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