His Parents Are Furious That He’s Declining To Pay For His Little Sister’s Lavish Wedding And Honeymoon

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This 32-year-old man has a 24-year-old little sister named Emily, and their parents have spoiled Emily from the beginning. As they have grown up, Emily’s entitlement has only grown worse.

Right after he graduated from college, he got a job and started saving his money. He currently owns a successful small business.

While he’s made smart financial decisions throughout his life, he can’t say the same for his parents, who are awful when it comes to money.

“They’ve always lived beyond their means, and as a result, they never really had savings to fall back on,” he explained.

“Emily, being the youngest, was pampered throughout her childhood and teenage years. She got everything she wanted – [a] new car at 16, fully funded college tuition (which she dropped out of), and frequent shopping sprees. I, on the other hand, worked part-time jobs and took out student loans to get through school.”

“Fast forward to now: Emily is getting married to her boyfriend of two years. They announced the engagement a few months ago, and my parents were over the moon. They immediately started planning a lavish wedding, far beyond what they can afford. Naturally, they turned to me for financial support.”

Initially, his parents made small asks, such as asking him if he could help pay for some of Emily’s wedding dress and engagement party.

He did say yes, as it all added up to a small amount. However, his parents then asked him to contribute more and more.

They asked for him to put down the deposit on Emily’s wedding venue, then pay for all of the catering since it’s going to be quite pricey.

ALEXSTUDIO – – illustrative purposes only

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