His Sister Wants To Host Her Large Wedding At His House And Expects Him To Cover A Significant Chunk Of The Costs

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This 30-year-old man has a younger, 28-year-old sister who just got engaged. So, she’s begun planning her wedding and wants to have the event next summer.

But, since his sister and her fiancé are trying to save money right now, they asked if it would be possible to host the wedding at his home.

“I live in a nice, spacious home with a large backyard, so it would be perfect for an outdoor ceremony and reception,” he said.

When they first asked, he was very open to the idea, too. However, once they started talking about the nitty-gritty details, he realized that his sister’s wedding would be a massive undertaking.

He found out that his sister planned to invite about 150 guests, which means there would be extensive preparation at his house – from renting tents, tables, and chairs to arranging parking and setting up port-a-potties – simply because his house isn’t able to accommodate so many people.

Not to mention, his sister actually expects him to cover a large portion of the expenses since they’re “family,” and she and her fiancé are already on a very tight budget.

“I would also have to take time off work to help with setup and cleanup, and the event would likely cause significant wear and tear on my property,” he added.

So, he tried talking to his sister about his concerns and suggested that they either scale back the guest list or look into some more affordable venues. She wasn’t receptive to his ideas at all, though, and just became upset before calling him both selfish and unsupportive.

“She even accused me of not caring about her happiness and trying to ruin her big day,” he revealed.

maxwellmonty – – illustrative purposes only

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