She Cut Off Her Cousin And Aunt And Blocked Them Everywhere After They Accused Her Of Stealing Jewelry At Her Cousin’s Wedding

Vishwas - - illustrative purposes only

While many of us are lucky enough to be close to members of our extended families, like cousins, some other people aren’t as fortunate and either never see their cousins or actively dislike them.

One woman recently had to cut off her cousin and aunt after they accused her of stealing bridal jewelry at her cousin’s wedding.

She and her cousin, Emma, are around the same age but have never been particularly close. However, they have always been civil. Her relationship with her cousin was something she didn’t worry about often, as she lives abroad for work. However, everything changed after Emma got engaged in 2022.

After getting Emma a thoughtful engagement gift, she was invited to her wedding this past April and flew home to attend. 

“Emma asked me to be part of her wedding entry, and despite our not being very close, I agreed, hoping it would help us build a better relationship,” she explained.

“However, just a week before the wedding, I found out she’d been talking negatively about me and my career as a project manager. It stung, but I didn’t want to cause drama before her big day, so I kept quiet.”

She was asked by Emma and her aunt, Emma’s mom, to help Emma get ready. Emma had a traditional Hindu wedding, which required her to wear special jewelry. Her aunt instructed her to pack away some bangles in the bride’s changing room as she’d deal with them later. 

The wedding and reception both went by quite smoothly. After hearing about the negative things she was saying about her, she chose not to get Emma a gift and figured she’d wait until all the wedding hoopla had passed to address them.

Just days after the wedding, Emma asked if she had seen any of her bridal jewelry, claiming that things were missing.

Vishwas – – illustrative purposes only

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