She Got Called Out For “Flaunting” Her Money In Her Poor Friend’s Face, But She Said Her Finances Were None Of Her Friend’s Business

Georgii - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This girl is 16-years-old, and her family is comfortable when it comes to money. However, one of her friends – who is also 16 – is in a very different financial situation.

According to her, her friend’s family is quite poor and struggles to afford rent and food. So, her friend often has to eat their school’s lunch since her parents cannot afford to pack her anything else.

“I’m a baker – a hobby, of course – and I’ll give my friend some of my treats whenever I have extras,” she said.

The reason why her own parents are doing fine financially despite not being rich is because they’re just older, have no mortgage, and only have one child still living at home. So, her parents are able to use their disposable income on her, allowing her to get a lot of expensive things often.

“I frequently get Crumbl or Starbucks before school. I have generally expensive things, too, and go out to dinner a lot, go shopping, and post about my vacations since those are important to my parents,” she explained.

Well, when she recently showed up to school one morning with a four-pack of Crumbl cookies and a Starbucks drink, her friend became really upset.

Then, she even got accused of being disrespectful for “flaunting” her money in her friend’s face while knowing that her friend could barely afford to buy basic food and water.

On top of that, her friend claimed to be “dirt poor” and tried to call her out for not asking her parents to financially help out her friend’s family.

Apparently, her friend expected her to talk to her parents about either skipping a cruise or selling one of their three cars in order to donate the money to her friend.

Georgii – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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