She Was A Prison Warden’s Wife Who Helped An Inmate To Escape: But Was She In Love With Him, Or Suffering From Stockholm Syndrome?

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In 1994, a woman named Bobbi Parker helped Randolph Dial, a convicted murderer, escape from the prison where her husband worked as a deputy warden.

She was kidnapped by Dial and lived with him for over a decade. It is believed that she was held captive and brainwashed by him, but some say that they were really in love.

Today, we’ll be diving into whether her feelings for him were genuine or if she was suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

Most of us have an idea as to what Stockholm syndrome is. It’s what happens when someone is taken as a hostage and ends up developing a bond with their captor.

However, experts note that this bond is formed as a survival tactic, a way to cope with the stress of a hostile situation.

So, what happened between Bobbi Parker and Randolph Dial? Bobbi Parker and her husband, Randy, lived next to the Oklahoma State Reformatory.

They had two daughters together, aged eight and 10. Next door, an inmate named Randolph Dial was being held at the facility.

He had received a life sentence for the murder of a karate instructor in 1981 after drunkenly confessing to it in 1986. Aside from being a murderer, Dial was an artist, sculptor, and master manipulator.

He had been given special privileges at the facility, so he was allowed to live in minimum-security housing outside of the prison.

gatsi – – illustrative purposes only

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