She Fell 10,000 Feet Out Of A Plane And Lived To Tell The Tale

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When LANSA Flight 508 was struck by lightning on Christmas Eve in 1971, a 17-year-old girl named Juliane Koepcke plummeted 10,000 feet from the sky and landed in the Amazon rainforest.

Somehow, she lived to tell the tale. She wandered the jungle for 11 days before coming across some loggers who helped her. Here is the story of her remarkable strength and survival.

Koepcke was born in 1954 to two German zoologists who had moved to Peru to study the wildlife there.

Her father was part of an effort to urge the government to preserve the Amazon rainforest. As a result, Koepcke was raised in the jungle. Growing up in such a dangerous environment helped her learn survival skills.

On Christmas Eve, she had been traveling from Lima, Peru, with her mother to Pucallpa to visit her father, who was working in the Amazon rainforest.

The day before that fateful flight, Koepcke had just received her high school diploma. She planned to study zoology just like her parents.

The flight was only supposed to be an hour long. But then, a huge thunderstorm rolled in 25 minutes into the ride.

The aircraft’s motor was struck by lightning and careened downward toward the jungle below. The plane disintegrated into pieces as it fell.

Koepcke was still strapped to her seat when she was launched from the plane and fell 10,000 feet. She lost consciousness, and when she woke up, she found herself in the middle of the rainforest. Miraculously, she only had a few minor injuries.

aapsky – – illustrative purposes only

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