She’s Furious With Her Mother-In-Law For Throwing A Tantrum At Her Wedding And Missing The Whole Reception

Wedding photography - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Do you know any grudge-holders? When you’re close to people who have difficulty letting go of grudges, you often feel like you have to walk on eggshells whenever you’re around them.

One woman is in a bad place with her grudge-holding mother-in-law, who skipped her entire wedding reception after not liking a comment someone made about her during family photos.

She’s 26 and got married this month. She’s been with her husband for eight years, and during that time, she got to know his family quite well. One of the more notable members of her new family is her mother-in-law, Jolene.

“She has always been a flighty, self-absorbed, irresponsible person [and] she’s the type that will be sweet and polite to your face, but she holds a lot of grudges over very small things,” she explained.

“If you ever do something to offend her, she’ll never forgive you for it. I’m almost certain that she has some sort of developmental or personality disorder, but I’m not a shrink, so it’s just an educated guess.”

“One of the ways her narcissistic tendencies materialize is through Facebook. She is absolutely obsessed with Facebook. She can’t go anywhere or do anything without posting about it.”

While being obsessed with Facebook may not be that big of a deal, Jolene takes her interactions with people on Facebook very seriously. For instance, she doesn’t like her maternal grandmother, Rose, because she doesn’t “like” her posts enough.

On her wedding day, the ceremony went beautifully, but things went downhill when it was time to take pictures.

“When my husband and I were standing with his parents for pictures, Rose called out in jest, ‘Jolene, quit hiding behind [the groom]! You’re beautiful,'” she recalled.

Wedding photography – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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