The Guy He Was Seeing Took Him To Meet His Parents But Introduced Him As His “Friend” And Said They Weren’t A Couple, So He Ghosted Him

veradimov - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 25-year-old man’s roommate introduced him to a man named J, 25. He and J had immediate chemistry, so he asked J on a date a few weeks later.

They began dating regularly and became an exclusive couple. Five months into their relationship, J invited him to meet his family and have dinner with them, and he happily agreed.

“When we arrived, his mom asked if I was his boyfriend. He cut her off and referred to me as his ‘friend.’ I was confused and greeted her anyway,” he said.

Later, J introduced him as only a friend when he met J’s father and sister. While driving back home after meeting J’s family, he questioned what was happening. J said no when he asked J if he thought they were only friends with benefits.

“I asked, ‘Then why did you tell your family I’m just a friend?’ He said, ‘Because we’re not a couple.’ I responded, ‘Then what are we?'” he explained.

J didn’t answer and was quiet the rest of the way home. The following day, J pretended like nothing happened the day before. He attempted to talk about their relationship several times, but J pushed the issue aside.

Since J’s family and all his loved ones know he dates people of the same gender, that wasn’t a problem or a reason why he’d referred to him as a friend and not his boyfriend. During dinner, J’s family members asked J for updates on his ex-boyfriend.

Not long after that, he moved out of his old apartment and didn’t share his new address with his previous roommate or J. He was upset that J refused to give him a clear answer on their relationship, aside from denying that they were a couple.

“I stopped talking to him and replying to his messages. Now, three weeks later, he showed up at my door. He told me he contacted my brother to get my address. He called me a jerk for ghosting him,” he shared.

veradimov – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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