She Refused To Foot A $300 Dinner Bill On A Date With A Guy Who Ordered $220 Worth Of Stuff And Even Offered To Pay Beforehand, And He Freaked Out On Her

Yevhenii - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

While this 21-year-old woman was recently swiping on Tinder, she came across a very sweet and cute 23-year-old guy. So, they got to talking, and they really hit it off.

“I thought he was the cutest, and I absolutely loved his personality,” she said.

During their early conversations, she also found out that he attended a nearby college. That’s why they made some plans to meet up and go out to eat at a local restaurant.

Now, to be clear, she doesn’t have any problem paying for her own meals on dates. However, when they discussed the date before it happened, the guy actually offered to pay for her.

She even asked if he was sure about that and said he could just foot the bill for himself. Still, the guy claimed he would be “more than happy” to pay for her dinner.

So, on the day of their date, she arrived at the restaurant 15 minutes early to get her seat and wait for the guy to arrive. He showed up right on time, too, and the date got off to a great start.

They asked each other all the basic first-date questions and had some small talk before ordering their food.

“I was having a really great time, and I thought he was, too,” she recalled.

Well, that was until the check arrived, and it was a whopping $300! She could not afford to have paid that, either, especially because the guy ordered $220 worth of the food listed on the bill.

Yevhenii – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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