The Guy She’s Been Dating Slept With Another Girl Four Days Before She Moved To His City

Nick Starichenko - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Back in November, this woman met a guy on a dating app when she was visiting a different city for a conference.

She figured things would end up being more like a two-night stand kind of deal between them, but when she flew back home 1,600 miles away from him, she was surprised he kept on texting her.

“I was confused and apprehensive because he knew I lived so far away,” she explained. “He asked me to spend New Year’s with him in his city and even offered to pay for some of my flights.”

She figured it couldn’t hurt, so she flew out there to see him. From there, she invited him to come visit her, and he took her up on that in January.

This February, March, and April, she booked flights to spend time with him in his city, and she says she actually never caught any feelings for him until her February visit.

At the beginning of their time together, they agreed to be exclusive while they were in person, but they tabled a conversation about exclusivity on a longer timeline.

She decided to move to his city for several reasons (aside from him), and they wanted to wait and see how things progressed after her move.

He hesitated to fully commit, but they haven’t slept with anyone else in the last five months except for one another.

When she visited him in April, they vowed not to sleep with anyone from that point on until she moved since she was going to be there in a month, and he also wanted to talk about having kids in that same exact conversation.

Nick Starichenko – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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