She Asked Her “Freeloading” Sister-In-Law To Get Out Of Her House By The End Of The Week Because She Believes Her Sister-In-Law Is Spoiled And A Disaster To Live With

mashiki - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman is currently married, but she’s not a big fan of her sister-in-law, Anna.

Apparently, Anna is her mother-in-law’s “golden child” despite never holding down a job. According to her, Anna also has “an insatiable appetite for luxury” and blows money on irresponsible purchases.

“Anna spends money like it’s water, splurging on designer clothes, exotic vacations, and expensive gadgets,” she said.

Recently, Anna’s spending habits seem to have caught up to her, too, because her sister-in-law hit “rock bottom.” Anna actually maxed out all of her credit cards and defaulted on a pretty large loan.

So, at that point, her sister-in-law came running to her and her husband – begging to stay with them since Anna had nowhere else to go.

Her husband felt bad for his sister, too, and wanted to help Anna out.

“We agreed she could stay for two weeks, but only if she contributed by doing chores and actively looking for a job,” she recalled.

Well, as the two weeks passed by, she claimed that having Anna as a houseguest was a “disaster.” Her sister-in-law didn’t lift a finger around the house. Rather, Anna would wake up at 12:00 p.m. every day, lounge around in her pajamas, and just binge-watch reality TV.

“When she’s not doing that, she’s burning through our Wi-Fi on online shopping sprees. She ordered takeout every single night, never pitching in for expenses. I found out Anna even raided my personal stash of skincare products!” she revealed.

mashiki – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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