She Lashed Out At Her Boyfriend And Said She Was Sick Of Him Constantly Insisting On Having A Baby Together When He Knows She Isn’t Sure About Having Children

BullRun - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her boyfriend have been dating for two years. But, even though she isn’t sure about the idea of having kids, her boyfriend is always insisting that they start a family together.

Apparently, he is constantly sending her videos and photos of babies to try and change her mind. He also says things like, “Kids are a symbol of our love,” which honestly just annoys the heck out of her.

“I’ve repeatedly stated my reasons for not having kids, such as being child-free is much easier,” she said.

“I’m not trying to shame women who want children. It’s just a matter of preference.”

Additionally, another reason is that she already has body image issues stemming from her past experiences of being bullied. Her boyfriend even knows about all of this, too.

“But I almost feel like he just ignores these reasons and has convinced himself that I want children.”

In fact, in the past, he has “desperately begged” her and claimed that she was the only woman he ever wanted to have a family with.

On top of that, he told her that if she didn’t hate children, there was no harm in having a baby.

“The harm is that I’m afraid I’ll end up being a terrible mother to an innocent child,” she vented.

BullRun – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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