He’s Not Inviting His Mother To His Wedding Since She Cheated On His Father 14 Years Ago, And He Hasn’t Spoken To Her Ever Since - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 32-year-old man is supposed to tie the knot in just three weeks. But, one crucial person in his family – his mother – will not be in attendance.

In fact, he hasn’t even spoken to his mother since the day he turned 18-years-old. Why? Well, she cheated on his father 14 years ago, and the demise of his parent’s marriage left him absolutely heartbroken.

Ever since he cut her off, she has attempted to reach out to him on numerous occasions. She’s tried to reconnect with him by sending countless apology text messages, leaving numerous voicemails, and even sending him emails.

“I haven’t blocked her because I think that’s cruel,” he said.

Rather, he just hasn’t answered his mom. At the same time, she’s just continued sending updates on her own life, asking how he’s doing and telling him that she misses him.

But, even though he hadn’t been actually talking to his mother, she still managed to find out that he was engaged. Apparently, she learned the news from one of her friends – who he did invite to the event.

At that point, his mom actually reached out to him and wished him luck with his wedding. She also claimed to understand why he didn’t want her at his big day.

“But that she would love to meet me at least once before I embark on this new adventure,” he explained.

His mother said that she was very proud of everything he’s accomplished in life and sent along a bunch of other “niceties.” – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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