She’s Banning Her 5-Year-Old Little Sister From Attending Her Wedding Unless She Sees A Therapist Beforehand Because Her Sister Has A Crush On Her Fiancé And Might Have An Outburst On Her Big Day

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This 24-year-old woman has a 5-year-old little sister named Evie, who she loves more than anyone else in the world. She even drives a three-row car just so her sister – as well as her other two younger siblings and their friends – can fit.

She and her now-fiancé also watch all three kids after school every single day, and the kids usually spend the night at their place two to four days each week.

“My fiancé is great with the kids, and they adore him,” she said.

Ever since her fiancé proposed to her about six months ago, though, there has been some drama with her sister Evie.

While her other two siblings – who are 9 and 7-years-old– were excited about the engagement, 5-year-old Evie was actually furious. Why? Well, the little girl apparently had a bit of a crush on her fiancé.

So, after finding out she was getting married, Evie burst into tears and began hitting her.

“Because Evie wanted to marry him, and if I marry him, she can’t,” she revealed.

For a week following her engagement announcement, Evie totally refused to speak to her, too. Thankfully, her sister has since gotten a little bit better.

However, Evie still gets upset and begins both crying and hitting her whenever she kisses her own fiancé.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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