BiKN for iPhone Radio-Enabled Smart Case Now Available

Losing your phone is not fun (and, if recent research is true, is pretty stressful). BiKN is an iPhone case that makes it a little harder for you to lose your phone – that is, as long as it’s just sandwiched in between a couple of couch cushions somewhere.

The BiKN smart case works with up to eight tags, which can be placed on anything you want, but preferably things that could be easy to lose track of, like car keys or backpacks. Once that home network has been established, you can use those tags to ping your phone, or vice versa, to find those pesky little household items that disappear so easily. The electronic part of the case functions by plugging into the 30-pin connector, which figures to drain a healthy chunk of battery life. That said, there is a Micro USB port on the case to allow for charging and syncing, so using the case isn’t too inconvenient.

There are three ways you can use BiKN – page, leash, or find. Page sounds alarms on all tagged items to help find them, while find uses lights and sounds on one tag to show proximity to your iPhone. To use leash, you need to set how far apart a tag is allowed to be from the iPhone case. If that tag wanders too far away (e.g., on a pet or a child’s backpack), an alarm will sound on the phone case.

The BiKN has an indoor range of 50-100 feet and an outdoor range of about 500 feet. BiKN is available now for about $100, which includes the case, the app, and one tag. $120 will buy you the case, app, and two tags, and an additional $50 will get you two extra tags. Given that it relies on a 30-pin connector, the BiKN will only work with the iPhone.

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