She Asked Her Boyfriend If Her Little Brother Could Move In With Them After Her Mom Passed Away, But He Said He Didn’t Want Kids And Called Her Selfish

Anikonaann - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

Many of us who have older or younger siblings feel that when our parents are no longer around to care for us, we’ll take care of each other. That’s the beauty of healthy sibling relationships. Unfortunately, some siblings are put in that position when they’re way too young.

One woman was asked by her mom, who recently passed away, to take care of her little brother if she passes away. Unfortunately, her boyfriend isn’t thrilled with the idea.

She and her boyfriend of five years are in their mid to late 20s and have been living together for over two years. She has two older brothers and one little brother who is only seven-years-old.

“My mom passed away two weeks ago, and it really affected me, even though we didn’t really have a great bond,” she said.

“Before she passed, she asked me and my older brothers if one of us could take care of my little brother. But when [I was] left alone with her, she confessed she [would prefer] if I would take care of him because she trusted me more than my other two brothers.”

Since her mom died, her little brother has been staying with one of their older brothers, but she’s feeling ready to take on her mother’s request and wants custody of him.

When she expressed these feelings to her boyfriend and asked if her little brother could live with them, he became upset.

“He said he has always been quite firm about not wanting kids, and he thought we were on the same page,” she recalled.

“He explained that he thought it wasn’t fair [and] I told him I understood what he meant, but that I had nowhere else to leave [my little brother] because he is my little brother. I felt it would be very cruel on my side to leave him with anyone else.”

Anikonaann – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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