Who Loves Pandas? Then You Will Want to Check into the Panda Hotel

When tourists go to see something, they sometimes want an immersive experience. Some in China recognize this.

The Sichuan province of China is home to a pretty good chunk of the world’s remaining panda population, and is a critical center for preservation and protection. That also means that every year, millions come to gawk at those adorable black and white bears, especially the babies who are really clumsy and fall down sometimes and awwwwww.

But, if I want a panda vacation, I want a panda vacation. Thanks to a new hotel in the province near Mount Emei, the experience never ends. The hotel is the panda equivalent of those Hello Kitty jets flying out of Taiwan. The rooms are stocked with panda plush toys and panda art (Pictures of pandas? Pictures painted by pandas? Not sure.). The hotel staff will even don panda costumes, which means sexual harassment panda can finally come out of forced retirement.

The hotel rooms run from $48 to $80 per night. Start planning your trip now. But the real question is, do they offer bamboo as part of the continental breakfast?

Via 3 News

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