The $70 Speaker Watch That Doesn’t Tell Time

Bem Wireless Speaker Watch, which we are very pleased to hear is indeed actually wireless, as a watch with wires could get rather messy, is precisely what it sounds like, a watch with a speaker on it. Why? No idea. We can see 10 obnoxious uses of it for every potentially useful one, most of which revolve around the jerk next to you on the subway blaring what you don’t want to hear.

It is Bluetooth enabled, so you can take calls from your smartphone as you like, and both get that conference call done, as well as pretending to be a secret agent talking into your sleeve. This goes for just under $70 and is available in the glaringly bright colors aqua, pink, kermit green, and the more muted white, black, and gray. This would be a great gift to give to a teenager whose parents you would like to drive mad.

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