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    Mophie’s New Leather Case Brings Wireless Charging to the iPhone 7

    Wireless charging in phones is super convenient, but it has never been convenient for iPhone users – at least until now. Mophie has come out with a new case system which adds wireless charging to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, albeit in a fashionable and non bulky way. Mophie already has battery cases for […]

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    See-Through Lace Shorts and Shirts for Men Are Now a Thing

    First it was the RompHim, now lace shorts for men are becoming a trend this summer. Will men embrace pastel see through fashions? Do you want them to? The RompHim, a lightweight summer one piece romper for men, raises over $150,000 on Kickstarter and has kicked off another new fashion trend for men -pastel colored […]

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    15 Accessories To Help Smuggle Your Booze Magnificently

    In one of the great tragedies of our time, society has concluded that we’re not capable of the self-control needed to bring alcoholic beverages with us wherever we go. If you’re looking to smuggle your booze to make a museum a little more exciting, save a few bucks at a music show, or you’re really […]

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    23 Incredible Disney Inspired Earrings Fit for a Princess (or Villain)

    These 23 Disney-themed earrings capture the magic of childlike imagination — call it a rebellion against your everyday adult clothes! We all may be used to dressing like a grownup, but we can’t forget what makes the little kid in us happy. Tinker Bell Swarovski Crystal Earrings Tink had that special spark that won Peter’s heart, and these […]

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    Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2 IMAX Review

    Warning: Some minor spoilers lay ahead. Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2 begins not too long after the previous movie left off. You’re introduced to the adorable Baby Groot, who will immediately win audiences’ hearts with his funky dance moves. The script is quite hilarious from the start, with plenty of laughs to be had. […]

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    25 Hilariously Geeky Onesies for Adults

    A wearable blanket? Sign us up. Onesies are gaining in popularity, so don’t miss out on the comfiest trend of the year. If you can tear yourself away from your pillow fort, you can even wear them in public — welcome to 2017! We rounded up 25 of the cutest and geekiest onesies the internet has […]

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    10 Rock Stars Who Love to Nerd Out

    Just as there are endless subcategories of music, there are many classifications of nerds and geeks (let’s not even get started on the distinction between those two!). Then there is the rare intersection of nerd and musician! After all music is math, and who is more qualified to construct complex chords and harmonies than the […]

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    24 Mermaid Toast Ideas For a Magical Sunday Morning Breakfast

    We can’t really explain this phenomenon. Like many things that spring forth from Instagram, it just is. Mermaid toast is a way to dress up boring old dry bread with beautiful colors of a mermaid fantasy world and bring a little magic into your life. Here are the 25 best pieces of evidence we could […]

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    27 Pieces of Cat Jewelry to Wear When You’re Out On The Prowl

    Oh, if only we could all be cats — lazy days, naps in the sun, and cuddles. Sadly, we can’t be cats, but we can wear their jewelry. We found 27 fantastic pieces to show off your true inner animal. Cindy Clawford Ring Keep it flexible with this gorgeous adjustable ring. Handmade cut and scratch resistant […]

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    It’s Morphin Time With These 23 Power Rangers-Themed Goodies

    If childhood nostalgia hasn’t already hit you over the head repeatedly this past year with Pokémon Go, Beauty and the Beast, and Stranger Things, then this month’s Power Rangers movie release surely will. While we’re guessing the theme song alone will do the trick, you can for sure make your 8-year-old self fist pump with some of these […]

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    25 Spellbinding Beauty and the Beast Fan Tributes

    Words cannot describe how excited we were for the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast to come out. Fortunately, the film has not disappointed and it has even been breaking records. To celebrate the tale as old as time becoming a marvelous live action film, we’ve brought together 25 spellbinding Beauty and the Beast tributes from fans. Gold Lace […]

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    25 The Little Mermaid Essentials for Wannabe Princesses

    Keep it quirky, ethereal and demure like Ariel with these 25 mermaid-themed fashion pieces and accessories. Sure, Ursula might send Flotsam and Jetsam to come take all of your new mermaid swag, but it is totally worth the struggle to look this cute! Soon you will be singing away in pride like Ariel, “Look at […]

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    The Huawei P10 Has a Skittles Bag’s Worth of Color Options

    Most premium Android phones are more or less the same these days. For the past couple years, phone makers have been trying to find differentiation anywhere they can — battery size, camera quality, clever uses for the fingerprint sensor, and whatever else. Well, the Huawei P10 announced this weekend at Mobile World Congress has another idea — […]

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    Galaxy Tab S3 Is Pretty Much a Note Tablet

    The last time we saw the S Pen, it was being jettisoned from shelves along with the Note 7. Fortunately, you can’t keep a good stylus down — Samsung is announcing the Galaxy Tab S3 at Mobile World Congress this weekend, and in addition to some helpful changes from the previous generation, it’s coming with support […]

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    Snap Spectacles Are Finally Available to Purchase Online

    By now, you’ve heard of Snap Spectacles, the revolutionary sunglasses that have a built- in camera to allow you to take video and pictures and send them to your Snapchat contacts. The product is already EXTREMELY popular, but for a while was only sold in Snapbots, which are vending machines that are specifically made to house […]

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    Barbie’s DreamHorse Trots and Responds to Petting

    Barbie isn’t the only one getting a tech boost at Toy Fair this year. Her horse companion is getting way more advanced this year, with new touch sensitivity that makes the horse react to petting and brushing. A couple years ago, Barbie got in the saddle with the Barbie Saddle ‘N Ride Horse & Doll. […]

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    At Barbie’s Pet Shop, She REALLY Helps a Mommy Dog Give Birth to Pups

    Barbie is learning all about the miracle of puppy life at Toy Fair this year. The Barbie Newborn Pups Pet Assortment features Barbie with a dog ready to give birth to three puppies — and there’s even a way to tell if they’re boys or girls! No, not that way. Barbie and her friend don’t get […]

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    Super Mario Helicopter is Pretty Much a Mario Drone

    Carrera is know for their fun Mario Kart toys, but at Toy Fair this year, they weren’t interested in staying on the ground. Mario and friends are taking to the skies with these mini-helicopters. Instead of a wing cap, Mario gets a couple of rotors to propel his caped self up into the sky. But, […]