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    Someone Finally Invented the Banana for Lazy People

    I like bananas. Great source of potassium, gets you moving! Know what sucks, though? The peel. You have to take it off, sometimes you mush up the banana when you’re trying to peel it, it’s just a mess. Want to eat one on the go? Better have a place to toss that peel, unless you […]

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    22 Ridiculous Yet Delicious Food Trends

    It’s a brand new year, which means the quietly cool foods of last year are about to become Instagram superstars. Some sound and look pretty ridiculous, but annoyingly enough, we have to admit they are quite delicious too. So what will be the avocado roses and rainbow bagels of 2017? Let’s find out! Unicorn Lattes It […]

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    Thousands Have Signed Petition For In-N-Out To Offer Vegetarian Options

    Vegetarians have had enough. Just because they don’t eat meat doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get to eat at one of America’s most beloved burger chains. That is why thousands of people have signed a petition demanding that In-N-Out Burger start serving veggie burgers. The Change.org petition, which was started by the Good Food Institute earlier this month, has […]

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    Finally, There is a Marshmallow-Only Cereal

    Here’s a huge win for our 7-year-old selves who refuse to eat like adults. How many of us can remember sitting down with a big bowl of Lucky Charms to watch cartoons and being so annoyed that that pesky cereal got in the way of us just eating spoonfuls of tiny dehydrated marshmallows? If this […]

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    25 Rainbow Foods Made Magical with Colors

    Every celebrated chef worth his Michelin stars will tell you that a huge part of culinary artistry is presentation. While most chefs work on the blank canvas of a white plate, some get a little crazy and go well beyond that, taking the artistry of food to a whole new level. After reading “This is Your […]

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    Yummy World Plushies Will Make You Fall in Even Deeper Love With Food

    In a world with Gudetama and Kirimi-chan, it’s become clear that cute food is on the rise. This hasn’t escaped Kidrobot, which has a new Yummy World line of plushies featuring the most adorable renditions of food and drink we’ve ever seen. If you ever wanted to hug and squeeze a mug of cocoa (who […]

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    4 Must-Have Irish Beers to Drink on St-Patrick’s Day (Guinness Not Included)

    Now, before I get into it, let’s get one thing straight about the headline. I love Guinness. A pint of Guinness on St. Patrick’s day is essential, and you should absolutely have one tonight. But, if you’re anything like the people here in Dublin today (the tourists probably more so than the Irish themselves), you’re […]

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    Meet Your Ham Sandwich’s New Robot Overlord

    First, they came for our sack lunches. Thus the robot uprising begins, with the deceptively innocuous Lunch Bot. The Lunch Bot encases your kids’ lunches in a tight steel vice, making brown bags everywhere the latest victim of robot domination. But, I’m all for it if this leads to smart lunch boxes. This is 2014. […]

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    Jennifer Lopez Birthday Cake Will Make You Roar

    In the strangest bit of lion-related celebrity news since Snoop Dogg’s ill-fated attempt at a name change, we have a massive birthday cake in the form of Jennifer Lopez reclining with a lion. The cake was made for Lopez’ 45th birthday party in Southampton, so now you know how old she is, if you were […]

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    These Recipe Tattoos Are Good Enough to Eat

    Recipes in the kitchen are coming full circle. They’ve gone from word-of-mouth to the pages of cookbooks to the screens of tablets, and now they’re heading back to the human body—this time, in temporary tattoo form. Marina Cinciripini and Sarah Richiuso, a couple of design students from the culinary wonderland of Italy, came up with I […]

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    New Food Gimmick Alert! Anti-Aging Popcorn

    Popcorn probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of health food. And yeah, that probably won’t change with SexyPop Popcorn, but hey, you might look trendy if you carry a bag of the stuff around with you. SexyPop Popcorn comes from Robert Ehrlich, the guy behind Pirate’s Booty and veggie […]

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    One Company is Making Foodspotting Payoff with Free Meals

    Birds Eye, the frozen food people, are really into Instagramming food. Preferably, their food. So into it are they, that they’re accepting Instagrams as a form of payment for their food for a few cities in England – for a little while, anyway.

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    McDonald’s New Happy Meal Mascot Looks Pretty Happy!

    Despite the large stable of mascots McDonald’s has out back, they’ve seen fit to add another one. Fair enough – the Hamburglar probably isn’t the greatest role model, Mayor McCheese doesn’t exactly promote healthy eating, and I still don’t know what’s going on with Grimace. A new, positive McDonald’s mascot is needed for a new […]

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    New Coloring Book is a Perfect Mix of Crayons and Celebrity Chefs

    It’s like we’re in the middle of a coloring book renaissance. First there was all of your girl crushes in one crayon-ready tome, and now we have some of the best chefs in the land stuffed into one called Small Thyme Cooks. André Hueston Mack, a sommelier and winemaker out of Brooklyn, is the head […]

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    A&W’s Chicken Sandwich Hashtag is a Mouthful

    A&W Restaurants has a problem. Their problem is that you probably forgot they still exist. Well, they do! See, their heyday was in the ’60s and ’70s, riding the Baby Boomer wave. Well, now they want to appeal to the kids of those Baby Boomers, and they’re doing it the same way many Baby Boomers […]

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    AeroLife Air-Based Nutritional Supplements are Something out of the Jetsons

    This post brought to you by AeroLife™ . All opinions are 100% mine. If liquids and solids are the present of nutrition, that leaves air as the future, right? That’s where AeroLife is going, offering up a brand new line of nutritional supplements that are taken in through the air. If the future is all […]

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    Jelly Belly’s Draft Beer Jelly Beans Are Sadly Alcohol Free

    After many entirely warranted requests, Jelly Belly is giving the people what they want – beer. They’re not messing around, either, choosing the high-quality taste of draft beer as the basis for their new jelly bean. Regrettably, you won’t get a splash of booze when you bite into one of these – they didn’t take […]