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    Doughnut Burgers are Coming to Burger King for Hanukkah in Israel

    The time-honored tradition of donuts on Hanukkah is getting a meaty twist in Israel this year. Burger King, whose reign spans nations, is gifting the nation with eight days of doughnut burgers, and yes, they are exactly what they sound like. The SufganiKing (sufganiyah is doughnut in Hebrew) is a sugary, jelly doughnut, except instead […]

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    5 Israeli Startups With Amazing Apps, Just Like Waze

    It’s not the dream of every startup company, but it sure seems that way sometimes – collecting a massive buyout check and joining one of the collectives. That just happened to Waze, an app famous for user-generated and edited maps that featured real-time traffic and routing information from its broad community. That community now belongs […]

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    Israel Uses Facebook to Ban Activists from Entering the Country

    This past week Israeli authorities have banned over 130 pro-Palestinian activists from entering the country. But perhaps the most interesting part of this story is that Israeli authorities actually took to Facebook and Twitter to help determine who these activists were. A black list of 340 protesters were compiled based on public data that can […]

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    Mazel Tov, Israel Equips Their Doctors with iPads

    Ironic is the perfect word for this latest news story. Israel of all places, specifically the Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center in Bnei Brak, is the first Israeli hospital to give an iPad to its doctors, to use both in the hospital and outside of it. This is of-course quite amusing considering that only a few […]

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    Shalom! Israel Lifts Its Ban on the iPad

    Recently, the news that Israel was banning anyone bringing in an iPad made quite the ruckus. Last night, Israel finally came to its senses when they decided to revoke their original decision to ban the iPad. They are now allowing iPads from the United States to be brought into the country. Israel had banned the […]