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    Intrepid Bags Returns With Brand New Lineup Of Travel-Friendly Leather Goods

    In 2013, our own Tiffani Buteau co-founded Intrepid Bags with her partner, Stephen, with a successful Kickstarter and two pretty awesome his and hers leather bags. The two of them have joined forces with Pad & Quill once again to create their brand new Intrepid Explorer line of leather goods that goes past just bags, […]

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    Olde Book Messenger Bag, Will Perfectly Fit Ye Olde Laptop

    Want a book bag that fits right in on your bookshelf? Makes sense, I guess. The Olde Book Messenger Bag nails the look of an old, leather-bound tome (I think they were called encyclopedias?), making it a perfect callback to the old times, when we used to read things on paper. This ponderous tome measures […]

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    The Yoga Mat Just Got a Serious Upgrade with This Beautiful Tote

    Time for yoga class? Shame that carrying your yoga mat under your arm and living under the constant fear that you’re going to drop it and everyone will stare is such a harrowing experience. But! Good news is on the horizon. Agoya is here, and they have an elegant, fashionable way to transport your trusty […]