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    The VivaLnk Fever Scout is a Connected Thermometer You Can Wear Like a Bandage

    In 2017, there’s no minor annoyance a little technology can’t fix. Today, we’re getting a little something for parents of kids who really don’t like thermometers. A relatively new company out of Silicon Valley called VivaLnk has used their eSkin technology to create the Fever Scout, a small wearable thermometer. It’s lightweight, comfortable, monitors temperature […]

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    Thermo Is A Wi-Fi Connected Temporal Thermometer

    The days of temperature readings requiring a stick and an orifice are over. To the delight of kids everywhere and pretty much everyone, the future of taking temperature is on your temple, and Withings is at CES 2016 helping to make that future the present. Thermo is a new Wi-Fi thermometer capable of reliably taking […]