Meet The First Denver Pit Bull To Find A New Home Since The City Repealed Their Ban On The Breed

Back in 1989, the city of Denver in Colorado created a ban on owning Pit Bulls after attacks on people made headlines.

Quite recently, Denver repealed their ban on the breed following a vote, and residents are able to once again own Pit Bulls after close to 30 years.

Pit Bull owners in Denver are required to get their dog microchipped and get a permit to own one.

There also cannot be more than 2 Pit Bulls per household and owners cannot have any problems with their previously banned breed over the course of 3 years or they risk losing them.

The Denver Animal Shelter celebrated the news that the ban was repealed on Facebook in November of 2020, saying in a post, “We are celebrating with all our hearts!!!! Denver overwhelmingly voted to repeal the City and County’s pit bull ban!!!”

“Much love from all our staff, who have been providing exceptional care for ALL our animals (pits and otherwise).”

Now that Pit Bulls are welcome in the city again, one lucky Pit Bull found his new home after being adopted from the Denver Animal Shelter.

Facebook; pictured above is a screenshot of the Denver Animal Shelter’s post celebrating the news that Pit Bulls are no longer banned in the city

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